He’s been hiring the same HVAC company for 2 decades

Mike is this lovely and kind old guy who lives next door.

When we were new to the area, we weren’t sure how the neighbors would treat us.

Being part of the POC, it can be hard integrating in new places. The realtor informed us that our next door neighbor was an older guy who lived alone. One day, when my kids were riding their bikes, I was sitting outside watching them. I saw Mike emerge from the house, walk over to me, and had the best smile ever. He’d been away to visit his son and just got back the previous night. He wanted to introduce himself and welcome us to the neighborhood. From that day, he became a friend of the family and my kids love him. We had an issue with the AC this past summer and asked Mike to recommend an HVAC company. He gave my partner and I contacts for a nearby HVAC company that he has been using for the past 2 decades. Mike said he personally knew the owner and they’d gone to college together. They did a wonderful job, and there was always a good discount for new customers. Mike personally called his friend who owned the HVAC company asking for assistance with an AC issue. His friend sent over his best HVAC technician who did an excellent job sorting out the faulty unit. It turns out it required a part replacement. All we had to pay for was the part and got the replacement done for free. That was a great discount and we are happy with the service.

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