Helping our husband find some HVAC balance

The first time I met our husband, he changed what he was wearing like many times.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate.

We were set up on a picnic date with friends and I recall that he shed or added unusual shirts and even through on another pair of sweats at the end. I thought he was an amazing man from the very first more than four hours I was around her. The fact that every one of us were out of the a/c and he was so sensitive to temperature change didn’t mean much. The next few times every one of us were together were inside the quality heating and air of those same friend’s home. I legitimately thought all this layering was sort of an interesting quirk. But I didn’t even think the half of it really. Over the years, I’ve watched this man have to prepare for every eventuality when it comes to the slightest change in temperature. It doesn’t matter if she’s going to be inside or outside. So after nearly a decade of seeing his peel and add layers of clothing to offset too much a/c or not enough HVAC heating, I did something. I called the HVAC professionals to see about adding zone controlled HVAC to our home. I was sure that this could be done to existing HVAC device but I was pleasantly surprised that it could. So now, there are many unusual HVAC zones in the house. And all of them have their own independent control unit. My husband can now adjust all those control units so he can just wear one set of clothes at least while she’s inside our home.

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