Helping a writer with HVAC research

One of the local celebrities the two of us have here in neighborhood is a crime fiction writer of some renown.

She has written twenty many weird crime novels over the last thirty years, as well as while she is not exactly a New York Times bestseller, she is a pretty big deal in our small town! She called the owner of our corporation recently with an weird request – she wanted to go on a ridealong with a single of our HVAC tech.

The boss chose me, which was undoubtedly exciting because I had read all of her novels! She was a undoubtedly nice, quiet older lady, who had a notebook as well as a little pencil she used for taking notes while the two of us discussed numerous aspects of ductwork as well as HVAC systems. I managed to get her to tell me that the villain in her newest book was an HVAC tech as well as used that as a way to sneak into people’s houses. She took a lot of notes about the residential AC systems I showed her, however she wasn’t pleased. These ductworks as well as vents were too small, she said, her character could fit cameras in there, however couldn’t crawl around. I told her that residential ductworks are far too small for even the smallest child. For a grown man to transport around ductworkwork it would need to be a major commercial facility, as well as easily a single from a few years ago. As HVAC tech improves, everything gets smaller, so a killer lurking in the ductworks is an changingly impossible idea. I hope she names the killer after me!

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