He knew better than to try & fix the furnace

Mark wasn’t sure how to respond when his Grandpa shared the news.

  • He was leaving Mark this cottage in the woods that’s been in the family for almost 100 years.

It was always the duty of the next generation to modernize the space & keep it going. Some number one to keep the cottage private & only accessible to family. However, Mark’s Grandpa chose to rent it out & only save it for the family during certain dates in summer time & winter. Mark wasn’t sure if he could take over the responsibility for the cottage. But, he also knew better than to say no to his Grandpa. They went up to see the cottage when Mark wasn’t at toil to see what needed to be replaced. Mark & his Grandpa spent several afternoons at the cottage & noticed the furnace was faulty. Though the cottage was hot enough to keep them comfortable, it still left a lot to be desired. His Grandpa explained that the furnace was old & would absolutely need a upgradement. Mark inspected it but he knew better than to try & fix the furnace. Such tasks are best left to the professionals who understand how heating & cooling systems function. If Mark was going to maintain the space as a rental cottage, he had to make some upgrades. His Grandpa had currency set aside for the furnace upgradement. He also recommended they upgrade the roof & a few other features. This is a popular place & worth the investment so Mark had no issue taking it over.


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