He is a creature of comfort

Last year, my brother sold his loft and bought a travel trailer with Heating and Air Conditioning and a media air cleaner. He had consistently said he wanted to travel across the US and see the amazing attractions. He left in early Springtime and ended up on the Southern West Coast in the middle of summer. My brother was amazed at how sizzling it was. He told me that not even the Dalai Lama could handle the seat. He’s a creature of comfort, and since it was so tepid, my brother wanted his creature comforts. He knew the AC worked because my brother had to use it all summer. We live in the Northeast, and have never experienced this kind of heat. The time my brother headed out on his trip, I asked him where he was going. My brother told me he wanted to head to the West Coast. I asked if he knew how sizzling it was going to be. It was an unusual ‌heat. My brother soon discovered that I was wrong because heat is heat, no matter where you go. He was happy to have the AC that he had, because my brother didn’t want to get out of that travel trailer. The only time when he’d go outside was when he had to go for groceries. He woke up one afternoon sweating so much and headed back home. He wanted to go back to where we were already experiencing fall temperatures. Too bad his loft belonged to someone else.


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