Harry checked online to see if the HVAC business serves his area

Harry felt like his world was coming apart in 2020 when he got the termination letter.

  • His company was having a hard time staying afloat, so they were letting people go.

Harry had hoped he’d be part of the lean team that takes a pay cut but remains at work. But, he was let go. He sat at home for several months feeling so bad because he never thought things would turn out this way. His sister was the one who got him out of his funk and back to the industrious person he is. Harry started applying for different jobs and widened his search to other parts of the country. Eventually in January 2021 he got work and relocated to another city. Life has been good and Harry even managed to buy a house. It’s surprising but this new job came with a generous salary that he would have never gotten at his old position. The new house is a 2 bedroom bungalow and was in need of a HVAC system when he moved in. Its former owner never put in a new HVAC system, so Harry took it upon himself to do this job. He contacted a friend in the city who gave him contacts for a local HVAC company . Harry checked online to see if the HVAC business serves his area. Lucky for him, he was within the service area and contacted them to get a quote. New HVAC systems aren’t cheap, especially those with high SER ratings, but this unit was worth it. It’s been several months living in this new place and Harry loves it.


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