Great news for me

I was so happy when I finally passed the final exam and got my certification to become a heating and air conditioning specialist! I had been going to school for a while to learn the ropes in the heating and air conditioning business.

And finally it all paid off.

Right after getting my certification I headed right for the local heat and a/c company to see if they were looking to hire on any new heating and cooling specialists to work for them. I got lucky and they were. So I got the job working as a heat and a/c specialist for the local heating and air conditioning company. My first few weeks on the job were quite a learning experience actually doing heat and a/c repair work on the HVAC market. I had never had any hands on experience. Thankfully the heating and air conditioning company did not know this, otherwise they most likely would not have hired me! I got really lucky there. But after a few weeks of doing some serious and very hard heating and air conditioning system repair I ended up getting the hang of things and felt like I had been working heat and a/c units all of my life. I am still working for that same HVAC company today. And here we are almost 10 years later. I was so happy that day that I got my heat and a/c certification. And it paid off well giving me the great career I was seriously looking for.

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