Got a new home with ancient AC device

If there is one thing I have learned from buying a household, it is that you should consistently check the condition of the heating & a/c device.

When I was first looking into buying our current house, I briefly looked & noticed the lake house did have working heating & a/c, but that’s about all I did.

What I should have done is have a heating & a/c device specialist come out & look at the Heating & Air Conditioning machine, to ensure it is entirely working & in excellent condition, not barely working condition. Because while the a/c device did work in our home, it was in such exhausting condition it wasn’t even worth saving when it finally broke down… We had only lived in our lake house for 6 weeks when it finally broke, & before then it was barely satisfying our needs for heating & cooling. It was an immense mistake not looking into the gas furnace & air conditioner, because now I was the one who had to pay out of pocket for a new oil furnace & a/c system. Although I don’t actually plan on moving anytime soon, I actually know now what to look for, next time I do start looking at houses again. I suggest if you plan on buying a beach house in the near future, you do the same thing, otherwise you might end up in our situation. At least it all worked out in the end, I did manage to get an up-to-date Heating & Air Conditioning system overall, & now our beach household is nice & cozy.



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