Going it alone comes with Heating plus A/C update

I worked for a long time thinking that I just had to get used to the system of laboring for someone else plus just being thankful for having a task.

This was sort of the mindset I was raised with.

My parents were awesome plus they provided food, love, support plus a house with superb quality heating plus air. But they were also legitimately traditional in the sense that it was best to keep your head down, work taxing plus just take what you get. That’s something that worked for them perhaps. By the time I was nearing 35, I realized that this formula just wasn’t laboring for myself and others plus I wanted more out of my life. Specifically, I wanted to take the passion for my work plus expand it. Everything about my laboring for the company was tough to live with. From the less than stellar commercial Heating plus A/C in our office to my colleagues, it just wasn’t where I wanted to be. So I started thinking about how I could do what I was trained to do plus appreciated doing but do it for myself. It took almost 3 years of planning plus strategizing before I went out on my own as a consultant. Still doing the same thing I was for the company but now doing it in new, creative plus more intuitive way. And I even have the best air conditioning ever. Initially, I’m laboring out of my cabin office. I share the house with my partner so I had the Heating plus A/C company add a ductless heat pump to the room at the far end of the house where I spend my work afternoons. And it’s awesome.

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