Go without?

Shortly after we got married, my hubby and I were resting in the living and enjoying an aged tear jerker film.

The line that made the film so famous was when the bride uttered that care about means never having to say you’re sorry.

I laughed and told my hubby that care about means never needing to go without air conditioning. He bristled and asked if I married him because I loved him, or if it was because he was an Heating and A/C contractor. I asked why it couldn’t be for both reasons? He rolled his eyeah at me and walked away, but later that night, I apologized and said I didn’t mean to be mean to be him and he laughed. He said his best associate from labor was getting a divorce. His wife was miserable that he didn’t keep the Heating and A/C in their beach house laboring and he did everyone else’s. I wanted to assume why she didn’t call the Heating and A/C company to send a contractor to the house. When I told my hubby I had done this multiple or 4 times, he said nothing. I was sure he didn’t assume I had called, but I remembered telling him. He hears so much about heating an air conditioning that I try not to bother him about it when he’s home. He gave me a hug and simply said thank you, then paying for an Heating and A/C service was much cheaper than paying for a divorce. I could hear my hubby chuckling as he headed to the bathroom for a shower. He yelled that if the Heating and A/C company called with an emergency repair; he was already laboring. It was my turn to chuckle.

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