Getting stuck in particular mindsets is pretty easy

It shocked me that just a change in mindset could have such an impact in the way I approached Heating & A/C cooling. But then again, I’m often shocked how a change in perspective and focus works out. Getting stuck in particular mindsets is pretty easy for us humans to do over and over again. Our brains want to organize things based on comparisons and comfort. Or at least that’s the way I see it. So when it came to the cooling onceI relocated down south, my brain sort of took over the strategy without me doing much thinking on it. Where I came from there was Heating & A/C cooling and over all central air conditioning in our home. Yet, it was the heating system that was always in use when it came to the heating and cooling. There 6 to 8 weeks a summertime where the Heating & A/C cooling really came in handy. But outside of that, we just didn’t use much air conditioning. So when I relocated down here, my brain just decided that since there was loads more heat, then I need loads more Heating and A/C cooling. It took me quite some time to rethink the way I was approaching Heating & A/C cooling. And really, all it took was having someone else help me see a completely odd perspective. A local buddy of mine commanded that I just deal with the heat instead of pumping more cool air into my life. More air conditioning made the heat just seem worse. So I took his advice. I waited until almost summertime to turn on the air conditioning and then, I kept the control unit setting much higher. It worked perfectly.


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