Getting my fiance out of the zone controlled HVAC of the office

I love that my fiance is so passionate about what she does.

It’s inspiring for myself and others & the people that she works with.

It’s inspiring for myself and others because I see her rise each morning with a fresh vision of opening when it comes to her work. Meanwhile, it’s all I can do to drag myself into my beach new family room & not want to crank the HVAC & go back to bed. But that’s 1 of the setbacks of laboring from home. My fiance works inside the zone controlled HVAC of her downtown office building. It’s quite an impressive space & she truly helps make that arena go. But she also spends an inordinate amount of time inside that zone controlled HVAC. So I decided to take it upon myself to whisk her away for a much needed several morning weekend of pampering. I cleared it with her boss & she helped myself and others out by sort of managing her schedule so that I could show up after supper on Monday & whisk her out of that zone controlled HVAC. I did just that & man, was she ever shocked. But I had it all planned out & that was even more of a shock for her. I found a several diamond spa that was about 3 hours away. The two of us got to our room right before supper & discovered that the arena was so important that it needed more than one ductless heat pumps for heating & cooling that 1 room. The rest of the trip was such a glorious & relaxing experience. And I’m the hero a bit for doing something so spontaneous. But given what my fiance does for everyone in her life, she more than deserves it.

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