Getting around with the train

When I travel out of state for work I always like to travel by train, however I am not a fan of having to take planes because let’s face it, it just gets way too cramped and half the time their heating and A/C system does not work very well.

On a train, or at least the ones I have been on, the heating and A/C system is really good, just like a hotel.

I regularly get a sleeper car if I am going a very long distance to make a mini trip out of it. and regularly experiencing good heating and A/C systems on trains I can also say that the air quality has been really good too considering what you usually would expect from traveling by train. I regularly will pay the cash to travel this way even if the supplier I work for is paying for airline tickets. I simply tell them how I guess about airplanes and will not travel on them. So yeah, I have to pay extra cash traveling this way, but it is all very worth it just to enjoy full indoor comfort from the perfect air conditioning system or heating along with the top notch air quality that I regularly acquire on a train. I would never want to trade this in for anything in the whole wide world. However if there ever came a time where the heating and A/C system stopped being great and the air quality get bad I would truly just travel by plane.


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