Funerals are always hard

Funerals are always hard when they are for someone that you knew and loved.

I guess they can be even harder depending on whatever the circumstances are.

For us, we had a hard time last weekend when we had to go South to go to the funeral for my grandfather. I was already sad because I really loved my grandfather, but the fact that the temperatures in the South are in the 90s right now did not help matters at all. We are used to living in the air conditioning just about all the time where we live now, but down there, people are just used to the heat. My wife is not used to the heat at all, since she did not grow up down there. I did, so once we had been there for a couple of days I kind of acclimated to it a little bit. My poor wife looked like she was going to melt into a puddle the whole time that we were there though. My brother and I just kept making fun of her, but she did not appreciate it at all. It actually helped to have a little bit of comic relief during the funeral. There is no air conditioning in the church where we held the funeral service either, so that was interesting. There were a ton of people there and that just made the temperature even hotter. I was just glad that the hall next to the church had an air conditioning system in it that we could use for the luncheon afterwards.

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