Found the answer in ductless HVAC

Before I found myself in a heating and cooling pickle, I hadn’t even heard of ductless heat pumps.

In my mind, there was a central air conditioning unit or there were the window air conditioners.

That’s pretty much all I knew about HVAC. But I did know that I very much preferred having the central air conditioning over the window units. I’d lived in old houses that had a boiler in the basement that provided radiant heating. And that was really a cozy way to go as far as HVAC heating went. But the problem with that was the absence of any central air conditioning for the summer. My room was on the top floor and there was no way I could deal with the heat of summer up there without some HVAC cooling. So I bought a window air conditioner. It was better than not having air conditioning at all but I had a heck of a time with it as well. It was always freezing up or not working correctly. So when I bought this house, I wanted some great quality heating and air. That was all set to happen as I had picked out the latest in residential HVAC to replace the old HVAC unit. However, the HVAC contractor found that the ductwork was no good. I didn’t have that in the budget. That’s when the HVAC professional suggested going with ductless heat pumps instead. It fit my budget and I wanted to get in the house so I was onboard. It may have been a good thing that the ductwork was shot because I think I like the ductless heat pumps even better.


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