Finding that right heater

I have to tell you that I really do not like the summer time months of the year where I live. The heat is bad and the air quality is even worse. Having such bad air quality and high heat makes this time of year the most dreaded for me and others who live in this area of the country. Many people have resorted to dumping their life savings into whole home air purification systems just to be able to withstand the bad air quality that gets us every year. I too was one of those who dumped their life savings into a whole home air purification system. I just really felt as if I had no choice in the matter. Without the whole home air purification system I would be choking and sneezing all of the time. There is just too much ragweed in the air here. And when you have the really bad heat on top of it all, it just makes it worse. Ragweed is an allergen that is responsible for a lot of bad air quality areas in this region of the country. But as long as I have my whole home air purification system I will be ok with it all. I just get through it every single year and then when the winter time comes all is well for a little while. No need for the whole home air purification system at that point as the air quality is pretty decent. It is just the summers that are bad.

Dual fuel system