Fear had nothing to do with not wanting to drive the HVAC service van.

I had just started working for the HVAC company and hadn’t yet been on my own.

As an apprentice, I rode with one of the seasoned HVAC technicians and helped him with his job.

I was only there three weeks when the owner of the HVAC company asked me to do a simple repair on an AC unit. Right before they hired me, I did a stupid thing and raced one of my friends down the middle of the street. His car was faster and he could outrun the police, but I wasn’t so lucky. I pulled over, hoping the police officer knew I was trying to do the right thing and he wouldn’t write me up. He not only wrote me up, but I had a ticket that cost me my license. I was doing double the speed limit of the road I was on, which was an automatic suspension in our state. They impounded my car, and I had to call my dad to pick me up. I told my boss I wasn’t able to drive the service van, and he thought it scared me because it wasn’t my personal vehicle. He promised it would be okay because he had excellent insurance. I hung my head and explained I didn’t have a license and told him why. He shook his head and asked why I hadn’t told him when he hired me? I shrugged, petrified I was going to be fired. He asked how long I would be without a license? He called the DMV and got me a license that would only allow me to drive the work vehicle.

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