Every couple of weeks Tim was calling the Heating & Air Conditioning Business

Two years ago, it seemed every couple weeks Tim was phoning the Heating & Air Conditioning business.

He had problems with his air conditioning during the summer followed by the gas furnace during the winter.

Tim also had to get the air duct checked frequently. He spent so much cash on Heating & Air Conditioning repairs and service calls, that he was wondering if he wasn’t in the wrong business. Tim seriously considered quitting his position and becoming an Heating & Air Conditioning specialist. He told his father that maybe he should go to school for Heating & Air Conditioning. He could save cash by doing his own repairs. His father told him he liked his 9-to-5 office job, and he was pretty sure that he made more cash as an IT expert than he would as an Heating & Air Conditioning specialist. Tim was sure that the Heating & Air Conditioning specialists put in many more hours than he did. Plus, they didn’t have to put up with the people that Tim put up with.The next year, he started out on the right foot. Tim phoned the Heating & Air Conditioning business asking for them to send out an Heating & Air Conditioning worker. He wanted to have a brand-new Heating & Air Conditioning system set up in the house. He must admit that the cost of a new Heating & Air Conditioning system was less than what Tim had thought it would be. He wouldn’t have all the constant repairs that he had been putting up with the previous year. The new gas furnace and a/c unit included an air duct installed into the house. Tim’s father insisted on a whole-home air purifier. The current Heating & Air Conditioning system was not a planned change in our home, but it was something that had to be done.

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