Energy prices are soaring

The cost to heat as well as cool a home are going up every single year.

This year the cost as well as prices of fuel as well as heating oil was much higher than any other year in the past.

I had a hard time keeping the house warm with the monthly bill for the gas oil furnace at $300 every time. As energy prices keep soaring, the two of us all need to be careful this summer. It’s important not to overuse the a/c system. The a/c system takes a much heavier beating in the Summer than the oil furnace takes while in the winter, one of the main reasons is due to the inclement weather. The people I was with and I have far hotter Summers than the two of us have cold winters. Wintertide temperatures can be very cold however they are never cold enough to snow. In the Summer the two of us have the highest temperatures of anywhere in the region. I told the kids that I was going to put a lock on the thermostat if they try to adjust the temperatures through the summer, and last year I didn’t say much about the kids increasing the temperature. This summer things are going to be a lot different. I am planning to keep the thermostat at a comfy yet manageable 76 degrees. I assume that;s going to aggravate the older kids. I might have to put our boot down as well as the hammer, although I can’t afford to spend $400 every time to air condition the house. If the kids want to keep the a/c thermostat set at any temperature lower than 82, the kids are going to have to get a task or start a lemonade stand.



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