Dusty renovation project

I am renovating my kitchen and it is dusty work.

I have scrapped all the popcorn ceiling and torn down the walls.

I removed cabinets and hacked up the old tile. I put up new drywall and I am now sanding and mudding. That process takes forever and the dust just kills me. I need to wear goggles and a mask the entire time or I start to feel sick. I realized quickly that having the air conditioning on during this process isn’t really intelligent. The cooling system blows the dust all over the place and gets the whole house gross. It also sucks the dust up into the ductwork. The next morning I scraped. I started sneezing when the AC turned on. I am too late into the project now to quit. So I have been just creating more and more dust. What stinks is that I am not done. I will need to lay tile, grind out the motor that comes through the grout lines and shoot vac. More dust is coming. Once I get everything set up I can clean. I will then scrub my house top to bottom and get my HVAC taken care of. The air conditioning needs to be scrubbed deeply. I want a HVAC contractor cleaning more than the air filter. I want him to take apart my cooling system and clean the inner workings. Even more importantly I want the HVAC ducts to be scrubbed as well. I know that white powder is in the ductwork throughout my ceiling. I don’t want to breathe it anymore.

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