Ductwork cleaning after gutting the house

My fiance and I bought a home and fixed it up for months before moving in.

It was great because the home could be a mess without affecting me.

My fiance redid all the floors, I scraped the pretzels ceilings and painted all the rooms. I even gutted a powder room before I moved in. It was smart to limit the amount of dust on my furniture. After I finished scrapping, sanding and chopping things down, I cleaned the whole site. I scrubbed the walls, ceiling, floors and got the space ready. My fiance and I moved all our stuff into a well done, cleaned up house, and shortly after moving in I noticed all the dust on my surfaces. I also noticed I was sneezing, coughing and had headaches. I realized that the whole time we ran tests on the house, the Heating and A/C equipment was running. The Heating and A/C was sucking up all the dust and storing it in the ductwork. The people I was with and I then moved in, and started running the dirty system. I hated constantly cleaning and feeling sick. I called a Heating and A/C company to do ductwork cleaning and it was more than worth the currency. They do it much more carefully now because they have a camera to watch what they are doing. They suck up all the dust rather than wash too. It ensures the ductwork does not get destructiond in the process. I have noticed the difference after they have gotten cleaned too. My air feels fresher and my surfaces still clean. If anyone does a dust heavy project, guess about your Heating and A/C unit.


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