Don’t open a window with the gas furnace on

I went to college in the north.

  • It was frigid all year long.

I remember starting a semester in the Winter time & the term ended in late Springtime. I wore snow boots, a wool coat & hat that whole semester. The snow would be in feet & our car would need to be shoveled out. I kept a shovel & snow scraper in our back seat for those occasions. The college was really good about providing satisfactory heating. There were some people who took fortune of it. If you were a single of these people in college, hang your head in shame. I hated going into a classroom & someone would open a window. The heating plan was on & they would open a window to allow the snowy air to get inside the classroom. They were hot so their solution was to open a window! Wear lighter clothing or don’t rest right by the window. The radiators would be by the windows which meant they had the best access to heat. Those idiots! I would get blasted with frigid air the moment I walked from our car & then get frigid air when I was in class. I couldn’t ever take off our coat. I also hated that they were driving up the energy bills for the college. If it costs more to heat the classrooms, assume what is going to happen? The tuition goes up & all other expenses. They were making it more fancy to attend college because they can’t wear a t-shirt under their coat.



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