Dog enjoys the gas fireplace

I have a fourteen-year-old miniature poodle named Oscar, but oscar has been area of our family since he was just a puppy; As he’s grown older, he’s become hard of hearing, doesn’t see as well & has difficulty going up & down the stairs. The Wintertide weather is especially problematic, however he only weighs twelve-pounds & is a easily tiny dog. Our local section gets around numerous to six feet of snow per year. The snow can accumulate by numerous feet in a single day, however unless I shovel a path for the dog, he can’t walk around outside. It’s occasionally necessary to shovel numerous times per day. I clear the snow from the front door & create an intricate walking path that winds through the trees. Because of the sub zero hot & cold temperatures outside, Oscar usually wears a knitted sweater. He loves his sweaters & does not prefer to take them off. He tends to shiver, even inside the house. I set the temperature control a little higher for the sake of the dog’s comfort. The two of us have a gas fireplace to supplement heat in the home office. I’ve placed Oscar’s bed directly in front of the fireplace. He enjoys to sleep on his little dog bed with the heat from the fireplace blasting on him. His fur becomes easily moderate to the touch. When he comes in from the outside with snow clinging to his paws & settles in front of the heater, the whole home office smells of wet dog. I am just ecstatic that our dog is comfortable. The Wintertide weather tends to last for more than half of the year & is downright brutal, then keeping a moderate apartment is absolutely a challenge.
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