Doc says clean the Heating plus A/C air ducts

When I get sick, I just go to bed plus sleep.

  • At least that’s what I’ve done all my life.

And I legitimately don’t get sick all that often as a matter of fact. Maybe once a year plus sometimes not even that much. But with Covid lingering plus being outside the security of my own air conditioning, I was paying close attention to how I felt. And then, I came down with respiratory symptoms that were no doubt for real. The first thing I did was isolate myself inside the quality heating plus air of my house. My partner got a pair of Covid tests plus I came up drawback on both of them. So, I went with the just sleep system expecting the respiratory condition to be gone in a couple of afternoons. Indeed, it got better but after more than 6 weeks since it started, I just couldn’t kick whatever it was. That meant I had to make a trip to the medical professional which is something that I’m quite loathe to do. The medical professional took care of myself and others our real well plus then started asking myself and others Heating plus A/C questions. I thought she was losing it until she explained that she thought awful indoor air pollen levels was responsible for my symptoms not abating. When I got home, I called the Heating plus A/C company to schedule air duct cleaning plus air duct resealing. Then, I went out plus bought a HEPA air filter. Once the air duct cleaning was finished, I put in the HEPA filter. Those respiratory symptoms were gone in a matter of afternoons.


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