Dinner at one of my air conditioning clients

I had been dating my girlfriend for a month.

Joy invited me to her house for dinner, and I had a chance to meet her parents.

By profession, I am an air conditioning expert, and I own an air conditioning business. I had served so many customers the previous week. One of the air conditioning installations I worked on had rust and was on its way to an irreversible breakdown. The customer needed to pay more attention to the air conditioner tune-up. The air conditioning filter was filthy and clogged up. I later found out that the customer was my girlfriend’s dad. He used to travel often and sometimes forgot to schedule a/c care. I had installed the heat pump before his daughter became his girlfriend. I had advised him to opt for it because of its favorable cooling technology. As an a/c rep, I offered the best services and cooling products. The long-time neglect also meant that an air conditioning repair was inevitable. When I was installing the cooling equipment, he asked many questions and wanted to be involved every step of the way, and it was clear he wanted to know more about air conditioning. I loved working for a client who appreciated all the work that went into obtaining good indoor air quality. Her dad invited me over to join their family dinner. I was glad that the conversation was more mundane, and I did not have to talk about my work as a cooling specialist or anything to do with air conditioning. We talked about everyday things that did not involve work. My favorite was when her mother brought out the family album. Joy cringed the better part of it.


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