Didn’t feel comfortable with the way the customer was acting

My boss sent me downtown recently to help a client with a heating equipment issue! As soon as I arrived, the person started yelling at me for being late.

  • I politely told the person that we genuinely do not have scheduled appointments at a certain time due to the fact that each work assignment may take longer than the bunch of us expect.

She did not seem unquestionably thrilled with that answer, but she did not say anything else about me showing up late. I asked the person to explain the complication she was having with the heating equipment. She became severely hostile and miserable for no reason whatsoever. She started pacing behind me with a pair of scissors in her hand. I was honestly uncomfortable and a little freaked out. The person was rubbing me the wrong way, so I found an excuse to go out to my truck. I called my boss and I told him about the weird and strange behavior the person was easily showing. He asked me if I was scared, and I told him that I most definitely was not, however there was no way I was going back into that lake property when the person was behaving in a weird way. I asked my boss to send a different person to help with the heating equipment repair or someone else as a replacement. I wasn’t going to get myself into a situation where things went terribly bad and I had to use force on a seasoned lady to protect myself. Happily, my boss did send someone to assist me. The lady acted just as strangely with both of us there, however at least the two of us were able to look out for each other.


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