Didn’t expect to break my arm that day

I cannot actually work on any HVAC duct replacement tasks

I was easily working on an HVAC duct replacement job when a child asked me to assist her with getting her animal out of a tree! I easily realize it sounds unquestionably bizarre and a lot like a scene from a TV sitcom from the 1950s, however that is pretty much what happened. I already had a ladder out on the roof. I know that’s the actual reason why the little girl decided to ask me for help. I could see the animal and the tree and the creature did seem very scared. I climbed up the ladder to retrieve the cat. She came to me seemingly with no concern at all! As I started moving down the ladder, the animal became suddenly scared and started to claw at my face. I dropped the animal and fell backwards. I ended up breaking my arm when it got stuck between numerous ladder rungs. It was dislocated and I required surgery. That essentially was the last time that I ran tests on any style of heating or cooling equipment project. Everyone in the office laughs at me and calls me a hero for assisting that kid with her cat. I think they feel it’s funny and I know the irony of the situation is pretty amusing. Still, I have had a broken arm for weeks and I am basically stuck on light duty until everything heals respectfully. I cannot actually work on any HVAC duct replacement tasks. All I can do is rest in the office and answer telephone calls similar to an Executive Administrative Assistant. It’s a good thing the boss has to pay me the same amount of cash for working in the office, because the accident happened while I was working.


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