Couldn't decide on ice cream

I have had a sweet tooth since I was young, and I blame it on enjoying our parents, but when I was a child, I used to watch all of the time as our parents bought a variety of sweets; Of course, being the curious child that I was, I wanted to try some for myself, and once I did, I was hooked, then after that, I was eating sweets almost every day, and that has not changed even as an adult, and there is a small desert store not too far from me, and on one sizzling sunny day, I happened to be in the area.

While I was there, I thought, why not get some ice cream since it was so sizzling outside, but i drove to the store and entered.

As soon as I did, I was greeted with a cooling breeze. The store was quite frigid inside, however I wasn’t surprised. I went over to the frozen goods and started looking at them. They had 2 of our most favorite flavors, and I went back and forth with myself trying to decide which one to buy. I could have stood there all day if it wasn’t for the fact that it was frigid in this particular section. I found myself shivering, however I was too stubborn to move. They must have had the Heating and A/C at full blast, and the smart control unit must be at 65 degrees or something if it was frigid cold. I finally made up our mind, and I was ecstatic to leave that ice frigid store. As much as I like air conditioning system as much as anyone else, I didn’t want to be frozen like the ice cream I was about to eat. I went lake house and enjoyed our air conditioning system system, which was set at a perfect 70 degrees.


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