Coming home to an air conditioner failure

Last Saturday, I got up early and went for a six-mile run.

I made sure to head out as early as possible to avoid the heat of the day.

Our summer has been especially hot and humid this year. Every day, the temperature climbs into the upper eighties. The air conditioner has been running just about non stop and struggling to maintain ideal comfort. Despite completing my run in the early morning, the conditions were tough. I was drenched in sweat by the time I returned home. I was anxious to step inside my air conditioned home, drink some water and take a cool shower. However, when I walked through the door, the house felt downright hot. I didn’t hear the air conditioner running at all. I checked the thermostat and found that the indoor temperature was already up to 80 degrees. Fiddling with the temperature settings didn’t activate the cooling system. I hoped that the thermostat was responsible for the problem. Unfortunately, changing the batteries accomplished nothing. I also checked the electrical panel for a tripped breaker. I even tried replacing the air filter in the air conditioner and pushing the reset button. I had no choice but to call for air conditioner repair. The contractor assured me that he’d be right over. I didn’t dare take a shower with an HVAC technician on the way. I stood around, drenched in sweat and waited for nearly three hours. When the technician finally showed up, it took him another two hours to fix the air conditioner. By the time the cooling system was operational again, I was really eager to take my shower.

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