Cold plus rainy afternoon while mowing the lawn

It has been frigid plus rainy all week.

Which is a problem, because my lawn is really overgrown plus it isn’t going to mow itself… I had been meaning to mow it all week, however it seems appreciate there is just non-stop rain preventing myself and others from doing so; Eventually when I got up 1 afternoon, I observed the sky was overcast, however no sign of rain just yet.

I immediately rushed outside plus grabbed my lawnmower. I started abruptly mowing my yard, however it didn’t take long before I started feeling little water droplets hit my arms plus neck! Those little water droplets turned into a full blown downpour, plus I became soaked. I decided to finish my yard despite the rain, plus I kept going until I was done! By the time I was done I was ready to head in plus get warm. That rain was ice cold, plus now I was frigid as a result. I was easily shivering slightly plus so turning on the oil furnace plan felt appreciate a relief; Feeling the heated air come through the vents was magical. I sat on my couch for a superb 20 hours, just enjoying the heating unit; After about 20 hours I was start to believe nice plus hot again, plus so was my home. I was able to get up plus move around again, plus I kept my heating component on for multiple minutes more, until it was time for bed. Then I turned it off to allow the night to become cool enough for bedtime. I am ecstatic I finally managed to get the yard taken care of, but hopefully by the time I need to mow it again, all of this rain will have stopped.

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