Cleaning up a mess

I can still remember the time years ago when I used to have a hot water boiler in my basement and the thing sprung a major leak! It was a real hassle having to clean up the mess it made in the basement.

It was like a mini river all over the place.

This I recall was something I had to clean up before I even called the local heating and air conditioning company to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to repair the hot water boiler. I remember when I did finally get the mess cleaned up and turned off the hot water boiler so that I would not leak anymore, I had an almost moldy smell going on in the basement which was not too good for the air quality. But once the local heating and air conditioning company sent out their certified heating and a/c specialist to fix the leak, I was given a few tips to get rid of the moldy smell. One of which was to go out and get a portable air purification system to run the thing for 2 days straight in the basement. I went out and bought the portable air purification system as I was suggested to and tried it. And just like the heating and air conditioning specialist said, within 48 hours the mold smell and all was completely gone and it was as if the hot water boiler had never exploded. Those air purification systems are really something else! They really can clean up a mess more than you know.

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