Cleaning the air and making sure the heater works

I have a real issue with dust flying around in the air because of where I live.

No matter how much I deep scrub the house, you can absolutely see the dust floating & flying through the air if the afternoonlight hits a certain way.

This of course means disappointing air quality & dust sensitivity time! The only solution I found to change this situation was to go out & buy a portable air cleaner. With a portable air purification method it was able to clear out all that flying dust in the air with no problems at all! It was really a mini miracle to tell you the honorableto god truth of it all. Air purification systems of all kinds can cause these kind of miracles if you buy the right brand & the right genre for your particular air quality situation. In the case of what I was dealing with, the professionals would tell you that a whole house air purification method is the best method of attack. But if you did not know, whole house air cleaners cost a fortune. No a single that is a working class person like myself would ever be able to afford it unless there was some kind of a payment method by the week. And that is sparse when it comes to whole house air cleaners. But the portable air purification method was the next best thing & it really did do the trick in every single room I would put it in. So if you have air quality problems consider getting a portable air cleaner!



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