Can’t believe the evolution of HVAC technology

I don’t want to say that I was ecstatic when the HVAC technician told me that the old HVAC unit was on its last legs.

But it was not bad news to hear either.

Of course, I wasn’t going to get rid of HVAC equipment that was still working. But I had also been saving for the HVAC equipment upgrade for like five years. When the old HVAC unit turned 21, I started saving for new heating and cooling equipment. However, the HVAC unit just kept on working and working flawlessly. That has everything to do with all the HVAC maintenance that it got every year, twice a year. Anyway, it just kept running and I was sort of getting antsy to get my hands on the latest in residential HVAC. I’d been doing some looking online and learning about SEER ratings, smart thermostats and zone controlled HVAC. But once the HVAC technician told me it was time, I upped all that into high gear and got myself an appointment with the HVAC contractor. This was integral to making this a seamless transition. That HVAC professional helped me with choosing the new residential HVAC system. It was such an easy process as he was able to cut through a lot of the stuff I just didn’t understand from my research. It’s been more than six months since the new heating and cooling equipment went in and I’m still in awe. The evolution from the HVAC unit that I had for 25 years and the one I have now is just mind blowing.
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