Bryce found out the HVAC system was the wrong size

Bryce had no time to get his house in order after moving in. He had to travel for work since he was in the middle of one of the biggest projects of his career. After this, he would get a hefty package with a promotion. So, the day he moved his things in is the same he flew out, leaving his brother in charge. The house was excellent and in the best neighborhood. But, Bryce wanted his brother to handle some upgrades for him. A contractor was coming to put in a new kitchen that his brother would supervise. In addition, an HVAC company was coming in a week to install a new HVAC system. Since it was summer, Bryce didn’t want to come back to a house without the best air conditioning. It took three weeks for Bryce to complete his trip, and he came back three days after his brother left. He had assured Bryce that all was okay, but that wasn’t the case. From the first day that Bryce tried using the HVAC system, his house still felt warm and uncomfortable. He tried adjusting the settings on the thermostat, but the house wasn’t cooling. Bryce had to call the HVAC company to find out why his new HVAC system wasn’t working efficiently. They sent over an AC worker to determine the fault, and he realized they had installed an HVAC system that was too small to cool the house efficiently. The news that the house’s HVAC system was the wrong size made Bryce quite mad. His brother assured him that everything was okay, but clearly, he hadn’t bothered to check the work.

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