Better not touch my heat pump

My acquaintance is kind of an idiot.

She is always being a problem.

She leaves her trash can by the curb all week. She just dumps the garbage into the can out there and leaves it open. That means raccoons or possums frequently get access to her garbage and throw it all over the locale. She also enjoys to take personal calls right on her front porch that is spitting distance from mine. I get to hear every word she is saying, it drives myself and others crazy. The worst is that she owns a zero turn lawn mower. She whips around on her mower so incredibly fast. I always worry she is going to run into something. The people I was with and I share a side lawn that she mows. It should be a good thing but I wish she didn’t mow it. My outdoor Heating and Air Conditioning unit is right in the side yard. I own a heat pump proposal and it is super fancy. The heat pump was various thoUSnds of dollars due to it offering both heating and cooling. It runs more efficiently since it does not create the heated air, simply just uses the existing air. It also is ductless and allows myself and others to have zone control. I spent a lot to get a easily good system. The outdoor unit is a undoubtedly crucial component. That zero turn mower is always severely close to my unit. I worry one day she is going to bash into it and I will not have heating or cooling anymore. You hate to piss off your neighbors but I will if she wrecks my heat pump system.
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