Battery issue for the temperature control remote

It is built right into the heating machine

For a long time I couldn’t get our heating plan to turn on… I kept messing around with it. I was decreasing air filters, vacuuming inside of it & still I had to manually get down & turn on the heater. In order to turn it off, I had to by hand turn off the switch. It was discouraging & I wondered if something was wrong, and perhaps the temperature control isn’tworking officially. I worked on to make sure I didn’t damage it since I didn’t want to be embarrassed when I called the Heating & A/C professional. I was anyway! The guy came over & looked over our unit & temperature control, he did some calibrating, lubrication & tightening of all loose parts. There wasn’t anything major warong. The temperature control was in tip top shape too… What was the problem? Finally the Heating & A/C business talked to me about what the issue was exactly… My concern was that I couldn’t remote control turn on the temperature control. He then asked to see the remote & I knew immediately it wasn’t going to be good, so the temperature control remote was out of batteries, not the actual temperature control, but no wonder the remote couldn’t turn on the machine! My temperature control is just a digital display that lights up. It is built right into the heating machine. I can’t know I called the guy all the way to our house to change some batteries! At least the heating plan got some appreciate & care in the process. It wasn’t a totally wasted trip then.



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