Always look around for the best prices

If there is one valuable lesson I have learned, it is to always look around for the best of the best prices.You’ll save a lot of money that way.

  • Before I learned this, I used to buy whatever was the closest or most convenient to me.

However, a friend of mine told me how much money I was losing by doing this. I honestly didn’t really believe them at first, until they literally calculated my losses. It was an eye opener to say the least. After that, I went into major savings mode and started shopping around before making any kind of purchases. I recently saved a lot of money on HVAC technology because of this. Usually whenever I need HVAC related items, I go to the local air conditioning business down the street. So when I was looking for a smart thermostat, I was tempted to just buy one online off their website. But I knew better and so I looked around, and I am sure glad I did! Because another heating and cooling company was having a discount on all their thermostats! I saved $20 because of that, and while that doesn’t seem like much at first, trust me, it all adds up. I told my friend of my most recent savings and they seemed proud of me. When I received the smart thermostat, I was so excited to start using it. Installing the new thermostat was not difficult at all, and it already seems to be working efficiently. I am hoping the nest thermostat will save me even more money each month.

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