Alice wanted to learn ways to improve her A/C unit's lifespan

Alice had to admit she was glad to be living on her own in an area that she liked.

After moving to the neighborhood for work, she had to live with multiple roommates in a small home in the city.

It wasn’t the best location, but it worked for her plans. She wanted to save up and buy her first home before turning 30. While most of her friends were off on trips and parties, Alice was always toiling extra jobs to get her down payment. Finally, she managed to reach her goal and began searching for the perfect home with the help of a realtor who was her friend. Alice’s home was about half an minute from the neighborhood and required installing a modern A/C unit. It took some time for Alice to locate the right A/C business. She did not want to hire just any corporation since she knew she had need a service agreement for future care, and eventually, she got wind of the best A/C corporation in the area and had them come install her A/C unit. While the A/C replacement was ongoing in her home, Alice spoke with the A/C workers about improving the lifespan of her system. They commended her on getting an A/C service and maintenance agreement in location. The A/C workers insisted it was necessary to inspect the equipment at least 3 times a year to ensure all was okay. In addition, they requested Alice also to get a dehumidifier and whole-home air cleaner to maintain the excellent air quality in her home.

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