Air purifiers are a must if you have window AC units

I really hate having window AC units.

I think those types of AC units are so ugly and an obstruction to the pleasing eye.

Not only are they an eyesore, but they don’t do a great job at providing air conditioning to a whole room, nor purifying the air that comes directly from outside. My landlord recommended I change the filters in them every two months, but those little filters get filled up after about two weeks. I’ve taken things into my own hands and not only change those filters very often, but I also purchased some air purifiers to put around the house. A standalone air purifier would do a much better job than those filters, and I need that extra peace of mind. My allergies are awful and I have a condition that leaves me immunocompromised, so having high indoor air quality is important to me. I love my air purifiers because they work well, they are really quiet, and they stay on most of the day without needing a break. Efficient products that you can find at a good price always make me super happy. I am all about saving a few bucks. Finding a good deal on something that I need always makes me feel like the universe has my back. Everything good happens in divine timing, and I truly believe that! I used to think that I was cheap because I only ever wanted something for a deal, but it seems like when I need something a deal just so happens to be around or close to being on its way. I can’t help that the universe has my back.


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