Air purification is key for flu symptom-sufferers

The spring and summer months are my favorite time of the year because I care about being out in the sun! I care about flowers, and cooling off in the water is one of my loves! What I hate about those same months is the amount of pollen that sheds from oak trees, because my pollen irritations and sinuses cannot take it! During those months, I swap out so many air filters that I might as well call myself an air conditioner dealer! Even when I purchase the air filters that claim to be better, and filter out smaller particles than others, I still have to swap them out.

  • They get congested so easily.

I believe it’s a waste of money to swap out the filters that often, so I wonder if there is a way I can use reusable air filters instead. My only concern about using reusable filters is that I don’t think they’ll actually come clean in the wash, and fresh for the next round of filtration. Throwing the air filter into the washer, or even handwashing it won’t actually scrub everything out, I suspect. I would still be willing to try them, because I am spending so much money a month on costly air filters that don’t work. In addition to those filters, portable air cleaners are set up around my home so I can take them into rooms I am occupying.

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