Air filtration & purification have been game changers

My education when it comes to the indoor air conditions of my beach new home started shortly after the pandemic started.

When my hubby & I got sent beach new home from laboring inside the zone controlled HVAC of our respective offices, I knew it was serious.

Prior to being sent beach new home to work from the a/c in our home, I didn’t take Covid all that seriously. And besides, we’d been through this before only to see the last viral threat peter out. But when companies are closing offices & kneeling off people, you best spend my money attention. So that’s when I started to learn about what I could do to strengthen the immune systems of myself and others & my hubby. Since both of us were in our mid 50’s, both of us weren’t taking any chances. In fact, both of us only left the security of our own a/c to go get groceries. And that was super early in the morning to avoid people. When I ran across information stating how important nice indoor air conditions was to our immune health, I kept reading. That led myself and others to other information & it was clear that both of us could take steps involving our HVAC unit to protect our health. The first thing both of us did was to replace the cheap air filters with the HEPA filters. These things trap & remove more than 99 percent of airborne contaminants. Then, both of us saved up for close to a year in order to have the whole beach new home air purification method installed inside our HVAC unit. The two of us now have the best indoor air conditions possible & our immune systems thank us.

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