Air filtration absolutely changes everything

I don’t like to make big sweeping statements because they usually come back to haunt me.

Sometimes, I can certainly overstate something for being just miraculous when in fact, it wasn’t.

That’s why I hesitate a bit when describing how much better our indoor air is thanks to air purification. But, I’ll definitely say this. I love the air inside my house now. And that sure hasn’t been the case for a very long time. What I didn’t realize was that the HVAC company had the answers to my problem all along. For me, the problem starts with the fact that our house smelled bad. I mean it’s just a question of airborne odors. They happen when you have a house full of boys, dogs, a cat and a myriad of other sources. Then throw in the fact that the HVAC equipment simply recycled those odors and you get where I’m coming from. And this doesn’t even begin to get to the health angle of good indoor air quality. That’s a whole other situation that finally convinced my husband on the cost of the whole home air purification system. For me, the pressing problem was the odors. There was nothing I could do to cover them up or get anywhere close to eliminating them. But that’s where the HVAC company and air purification changed my reality. Again, at the risk of carrying on about all of this, air purification just changed my life a bit. I like where I live again and that’s a big deal. I’m very grateful to have a whole home air purification system in my house.


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