Air conditioning was in horrible condition

As a Heating and A/C company, I have seen a ton of odd furnaces and air conditioners, and with that, I have seen a ton of odd people as well, for the most part our task is really mundane, and I mostly do the same thing without anything interesting happening.

However, there are constantly a few instances that sit out, and I had one of them happen really recently.

I went to visit a woman’s lake house because she was accepting a free offer our Heating and A/C corporation was sending out, where if you buy a product of theirs online, you get free Heating and A/C repair, then so I was sent out and I began to look at her air conditioning system device. I was easily amazed at what awful condition it was in. The outdoor air conditioner was literally half frozen, and it had snow and ice all over the site. Not only that, however looking inside I could see dirt and leaves piled up as well. I was amazed that it was still working somehow. I had to clear off all of the ice and do a thorough cleaning of the entire unit, which was a pain and it took me a while to do. After at least a couple of hours worth of cleaning and repair, I went back to the woman and advocated she get something that covers her Heating and A/C device, such as an air conditioning system cover, or otherwise it might mess up her cooling system. The lady didn’t seem upset, and I have a feeling she’s going to do nothing about it.

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