Air conditioning lawsuit at a popular fast food eating establishment

I recently visited a popular fast food eating establishment.

Ashamed as I am to admit this, I eat there often.

My health coach put myself and others on a certain diet, despite the fact that I certainly still cheat from time to time. Although our last experience there was so horrific that I assume I won’t be going there for a while. The wrong order was such a small issue compared to the awful air conditioning incident that occurred. While I was waiting for them to fix my order, an air conditioner leaked on my head! Not long after that, the entire ceiling caved in and a part of the unit fell on my head! Some witnesses screamed, but folks ran over to grab the equipment parts off of me! The manager immediately called an ambulance and their service contractor. The first responders treated me for a concussion, while the repair person worked on the ceiling for mold and other leaks that may have caused such intense water disfigurement. I wondered how a leak could go undetected for so long, and then cause such mangle enough to fall through the ceiling. It seems like they were not keeping up with their service schedule for the a/c unit, which is an immense health and safety code violation. The manager was rude to me, and couldn’t care less about the pain I was in from the crash. Working things out with them could’ve happened, but he handled it so poorly that I am taking them to court.


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