A quality HVAC is possible with a little bit of research

I’m a huge advocate for research.

I think in today’s society, most people get their limited information from social media. Social media only touches the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t allow you to understand whole concepts when trying to find information to help you make decisions about things. For example, my friend has been talking about replacing her HVAC but doesn’t know where to begin. The first thing she did was post on her social media page to ask for recommendations on how to start the HVAC search process, but I feel like she could have started the process on her own by simply googling experts in the area that could help her. An air conditioning expert is going to have such a vast amount of knowledge in comparison to a girl on social media who doesn’t even know the difference between a compressor and a condenser. If you are willing to put in the work and educate yourself about it, you can really find a quality HVAC that is within your price range. My dad’s friend is an air conditioning technician and really enjoys educating his neighbors on how to install an air conditioning system that works for them and their needs, so there are certainly people out there who are willing to help if you’re interested. I think people need to stop relying so deeply on social media to provide all of the answers for them. It is not the only source, and is often skewed in the information it provides. Doing research on your own can provide you with way more information and accurate knowledge.


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