A forgotten gadget ends up saving me on HVAC heating costs

While a bit ironic perhaps, it was stealing our HVAC heating

I’ve never been a big fan of office parties or gatherings. For one, I work with these people and in most cases, they report to me as well. Working together as much as we do inside the zone controlled HVAC is enough, I don’t need to socialize with them as well. But there are certain function I simply can’t miss. One of those is the Christmas party. Years ago, I was given an instant read thermometer gun because I tend to be the thermostat hawk. Everyone got a big laugh and I played along. I also tossed it in with the junk next to my workbench as I had no need for the temperature gun. At least that’s what I thought at the time. Years later, that temp gun would end up saving me a ton of money. A couple of years ago, I noticed a consistent draft inside our house and that’s no good. I hate the idea of not having a cozy house in the winter due to a draft. And I loathe the idea of the added HVAC heating costs that will eventually come from that draft. So I sat out to find it by caulking every gap I could find. Still, the draft was there and unabated. It dawned on me that I could use that temperature gun to find the leaking HVAC heating. That’s just what I did. There was a window that wasn’t properly insulated when we had them all replaced for more energy efficient ones. While a bit ironic perhaps, it was stealing our HVAC heating. Thanks to a gag gift, I was able to get my house cozy once more.

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