A bunch of water was coming from the AC equipment

I was genuinely ready to give my hubby a piece of my mind! But, I also didn’t have the desire to confess that I had found out such a miserable thing.

I had trusted him so much and never once believed he would end up betraying me like this.

It’s my best friend who had seen him out with another girl making out while she was at a party with her partner… She didn’t hesitate to alert me to the situation and send me numerous pictures as evidence. The more I looked at the images, the worse I felt about everything, so I opted to pack my things and go back to live with my mother. I arrived when she was still at her task and so didn’t call her lest she go into panic mode. The only thing I could do was wait, despite the fact that I had to turn on the A/C equipment. The condo felt super hot and muggy, which was odd. I knew mom always left the A/C equipment running unless she was traveling. Instead of wondering what was going on with the A/C equipment, I opted to go down to the basement to inspect it. That’s when I came across a pool of water on the floor and more coming out of the A/C equipment. I had never seen an A/C component drip water in the past, so I chose not to ignore the matter. My mother actually has a repair and service contract with a local A/C supplier. Their numbers were located on the refrigerator, so I called them in no time to determine if this was a normal situation. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair professional I spoke to did understand the drawback and said it sounded sort of like a restrained drainage line.


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