A 1-man air duct dealer

Rex is the oldest guy at work.

He rarely goes out in the field anymore, usually he handles the incoming shipments plus manages the front office. Rex has paid his dues, so the people I was with and I take our orders from him plus he stays behind. He once told me “learn everything you can, however find 1 thing that you can specialize in.” I took heed of his words, plus while I kept our mind open to reading as much as I could about the HVAC industry, I also looked for that 1 area in which I could specialize plus excel. For me that ended up being air air duct, plus after many years of honing our craft, our efforts are particularly paying off. Rex explained to me that a lot of new people were getting into the HVAC industry, however everyone was too tied up trying to learn everything. The old expression is “jack of all trades, master of none” plus this is tplot of HVAC labor too. When I finished our training I could custom make our own air duct to order, which wasn’t that useful for your usual HVAC inspections, however did appeal to a higher level of clientele. There are people out there who would pay thoUSAnds of extra dollars just to have air duct that is completely hidden. Some folks want a special HVAC plan for a walk-in humidor, or a wine cellar. Now I am in a position to take these kinds of HVAC tasks, as a custom contractor with his own dealer, plus only 1 employee. Why hire anyone when I can do it all myself?
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