I couldn’t pass on a free washable filter

I saw an HVAC ad recently in the newspaper that said you would get a free washable filter when you purchased a UV air purification system.

The washable filter had a high MERV rating for excellent air quality and the UV air purification killed bacteria and viruses. I thought it sounded great so I called these people up. The air purification system seemed to be overpriced, but I did admit that I wanted to try that washable filter. They said it was guaranteed to last for one year which seemed great. Of course, you have to make sure to clean the air filter each month if you don’t want it to become clogged up and cause issues with your HVAC equipment. So even though it was a little pricey for the UV air purification system, I went for it. The HVAC professionals who came out did a great job. They tried to tell me about the HVAC service plan I could sign up for, but I wasn’t interested in that. I just wanted to have amazing air quality in my home and I wanted to see how well the washable filter worked. It actually has been doing great so far and it wasn’t hard to wash it the first time. I bet this thing will last me a good 2 years or so because it is well made and I love how easy it is to clean. I thought it would be much more challenging but not at all. The UV air purification system has been working great as well, and I learned that with the help of this system, it makes it so my washable filter doesn’t become nearly as dirty.


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Everybody is going for UV air purification systems now

These guys did a remarkable job and I made sure the air purification system had UV light so that all those nasty germs would be destroyed in my home

I was the happiest guy in college because my parents got me a UV air purifier for the dorms. The air quality I shared with my roommate was incredible and everybody wanted to hang out with us. We got a lot of attention but you also felt safe because the UV light was working to kill dangerous contagions, bacteria, and mold spores. I mean what more could you want in an air purifier? When I finally got it going with my career after college, I ended up buying a nice property with a fireplace, a decent HVAC, and plenty of land. I was just living a little ways outside of the city where I had to work for my business, but I didn’t mind the short commute to and from work. Well, something that the house I bought was lacking was air purification. I used HEPA filters for the HVAC system, but I also decided to call a local HVAC company so they could set up whole home air purification in my place. These guys did a remarkable job and I made sure the air purification system had UV light so that all those nasty germs would be destroyed in my home. It’s crazy because I did this all before the pandemic came around and everybody still wants to come to my place all the time. Of course not during the lockdowns, but now I have people coming to hang out all the time and we always have the most enjoyable times. Also, I inspired all my family and friends to invest in quality UV air purification systems.

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