The HVAC tech was very disrespectful

I know that a lot of people out there are sick and tired of hearing about COVID.

Some people think it’s a fraud, other people think the danger is over… but altogether there is a very large chunk of the populace that won’t wear masks anymore.

I have gotten my vaccinations and my booster shot, and I still choose to wear a mask when I go out in public. This is America, and I will choose what I think is best for me, no matter what anyone else says. I got into a debate with the HVAC tech who came over last week to inspect and tune up my system. I told him he couldn’t come into my house and work on my air conditioning without a mask, and he said that was stupid. The HVAC tech believed that masks didn’t do anything, it was all for show. I explained as calmly as I could that whether he was right or not, this was my house and I made the rules. If he was going to come inside and perform the HVAC work he had been hired to do, he had to put on a mask. If he wore a mask in his own house, or at the HVAC shop, that was his business, but in my house it was my decision. He kept arguing with me, so IO shut the door in his face, called his boss at the HVAC to complain, and then found a new company to work with. I will not tolerate disrespect in my own house!



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We thought they were space heaters

We discovered they weren’t space heaters at all, they were portable cooling units that we could move around the house to where they were needed

We wanted to do spring break the right way. This was our first year of college, and the seven of us wanted to do something fun and exciting for our first college spring break. Most of the other students were going to one of the beaches, but we decided to go inland instead, and rent a small bungalow by a lake in the foothills. It was a remote, but exclusive getaway spot, with a few dozen cabins around the lake. We were so excited to spend a week in the water and the sun, getting high and drunk and maybe finding some cute boys. What we didn’t expect was for the cabin to have no air conditioning. And I don’t mean that the AC was broken, I mean that there wasn’t any! All we had were a handful of space heaters in the front closet, and more heat was the last thing we needed on spring break! That first night was pretty rough, because even with the sea breezes it stayed hot 24/7. The next day we complained to the rental agent, who directed us to take a closer look at those space heaters in the closet. We discovered they weren’t space heaters at all, they were portable cooling units that we could move around the house to where they were needed. It turns out that the house was old enough that it had been built without any central ductwork, so a central system could not be installed. The portable cooling units did a good job in taking the edge off the heat.

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Choosing window air condiitoners

Central air conditioner is a luxury and not a necessity in my local area.

We deal with snow and cold for the majority of the year.

We depend heavily on the furnace and spend a great deal of money on our heating bills. For a very brief summer, we can get by without a whole-home cooling system. We just need something to cool down our bedrooms at night. It’s impossible to sleep in overheated and sticky conditions. For a while, we tried to manage with open windows, ceiling fans and box fans. The fans couldn’t keep up on especially hot and humid nights. The open windows allowed in dust, dander, pollen and bugs. They presented a security risk and exposed us to exterior noise pollution. We’d get woken up far too early by chirping birds, barding dogs, traffic sounds and road construction vehicles. I finally started watching for sales on window air conditioners. I managed to pick up enough cooling units to install one in each bedroom for a reasonable investment. The installation process was not overly difficult. Although the air conditioners are lightweight and compact, they are quite powerful. We start up the air conditioners a few minutes before retiring for the night, and the bedrooms are perfectly cool for sleeping. Plus, the systems circulate the air, keeping it fresher. They help to filter out dust and other contaminants. They don’t cost all that much to operate. The best feature is the handy remote. Not only can each family member customize room temperature to their preference, we are able to make adjustments without even getting out of bed.

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Planning to replace the furnace

I’ve started looking into a new furnace for my home.

My current heating system is around twenty years old and beginning to struggle.

The winters in my local area are long and brutally cold. We need a heating system that operates reliably and efficiently. I’m extremely worried about my furnace failing during the middle of a blizzard. There are times when the roads are impassable. Icy surfaces and excessive snowfall could make it very difficult for an HVAC contractor to provide repairs or replacement. I don’t want my family to be without heat when the outside temperature drops down to twenty below zero. I’d rather not be in a rush to have a new furnace installed and be forced to accept whatever size, make and model are available. I know that sizing the furnace to the heat gain/loss of the home is extremely important to comfort and energy efficiency. There is also a significant difference in price range and AFUE ratings of the various models. The top-of-the-line furnaces utilize adaptable-speed technology to achieve efficiency ratings of 98%. These systems automatically adjust output to the changing demands of the home. The equipment can run at speeds anywhere from 40 to 100%. By running for longer cycles at a lower speed, the furnace maintains a very consistent indoor temperature, causes fewer problems with overly dry air and uses less energy. Modern furnaces also offer features such as zone control and wifi connectivity. While I’m not overly eager to spend the money on a new furnace, I am looking forward to trimming my utility bills and improving the comfort of my home. I’d also like the peace of mind that comes with a brand new heating system that is covered under manufacturer’s warranty.



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Dehumidifier improves comfort

Living in the south not only means dealing with high heat but also problems with humidity for the majority of the year.

Because of the excessive amount of moisture in the air, an air conditioner isn’t enough to provide ideal comfort.

The cooling system is designed to pull heat out of the air. We need a dedicated dehumidifier to remove moisture. When the air is overly humid, it feels sticky and clammy. It can be difficult to sleep at night and nearly impossible to be productive during the day. Headaches, flu-like symptoms and aggravated issues of allergies and asthma can often be blamed on high humidity. Moist environments are perfect for growing mold, mildew and bacteria and also encourage the dust mite population. This growth negatively impacts indoor air quality, can result in unpleasant odors and even cause damage to the structure of the home. Because high humidity makes the air feel warmer, it creates more work for the air conditioner. It’s tempting to lower the thermostat, which simply overcools the house without tackling the source of the problem. The solution is a whole-home dehumidifier. The dehumidifier works by way of a fan that blows the air over cold compressor coils. The moisture condenses on the coils, drips into a reservoir and the dehumidified air is directed back into the home. The operation is quiet and efficient and the dehumidifier requires only annual maintenance. It helps to greatly improve the comfort, health and enjoyment of the home. We can set the thermostat a bit higher, reduce strain on the air conditioner and pay lower electric bills.


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